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Veles is located in central part of Macedonia clsoe to the highway E-75, 50km south from capital Skopje and it is crossroad between road that are coming from East, West, North and South.

City full of rich history and cultural inheritance. The city is divided on two parts from river Vardar. Since prehistoric time from the time when Paleolithic era was real there are fossil remains of life and afterwards it has been found whole city form bronze era as well as characteristic thumbs from iron era.

Since antic period there are more villages that was part from pajonic state. Veles is city where first public library was open as well and first theater.
Veles is full of sacral object and some of them are: church St.Pantelejmon, St. Spas, St.Dimitrija as well as newly founded St.Kiril and Metodij.
The city has very branded kitchen with most famous dish – pita pastrjmajlija. With its beauty the artificial Lake Mladost is specifically connected with it and it is located on transit road Skopje-Veles.